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This is a two full day trip with brunch on Sunday.    We used Rixos Transportation ( for this weekend.   A party bus was rented.   The hotel was Embassy Suites in Napa.   Reservations are required for the wineries. 

Day 1                                                           

8:30am                                                       Breakfast at Hotel or venture to Model Bakery

10:00am                                                     Limo picks you up (if in Napa)

10:30 - 12:00                                              Truchard Vineyards

12:00 – 1:00                                               Lunch (maybe box lunch in car service)

1:00pm - 2:15pm                                       Stag's Leap Cellars

3:00 - 5:00pm                                             Stags' Leap Winery

5:45pm                                                       Wines on 1st (PureCru)

7:00pm                                                       Dropped off at hotel

8:15pm                                                       Dinner at Bottega



8:00am                                                       Breakfast at Hotel

8:30am                                                       Limo picks you up  

8:45pm                                                       Shopping at Vallerga's Market for lunch

10:00 - 11:15am                                         Mumm

11:30am                                                     Lunch at RH

12:30pm - 2:00pm                                      Rutherford Hill Winery

2:30 - 3:15pm                                             Foley Johnson Winery

4:00 - 5:30pm                                             Hall

6:00pm                                                       Limo drops you off

8:00pm                                                       Celadon


Day 3                                                           

10:30am                                                     Brunch - Oenotri

** depending on flight, you could stop by Etude Winery on the way out.  


This is a four day adventure into Napa Valley that is not for the weak of heart as your schedules are very full. 


The focus is central Napa Valley with the emphasis on Cabernet and Merlot.  The cost is about $685 per person in tasting fees (unless you join, then the immediate costs are reduced).  However, I can assure you that you will taste some excellent wine.  


For breakfast suggestions, please look at Napa and Sonoma page as it all depends on where you are staying.  

You must be very organized and plan in advance as these wineries and restaurants require reservations.   The websites for all of this wineries and restaurants are linked on the Eat and Wine pages.


Day One

Pack a picnic for the outing today…

10:45am – Pride Mountain Vineyards – The Summit Experience.  This is a ninety minute excursion.   The cost is $75 per person.   Pride is known for their Merlot. 

12:15pm – 1:30pm – Picnic at Pride Mountain.  Buy a bottle of wine and head to the picnic area.  The views are incredible – bring the camera!    

2:00pm – Barnett Vineyards.  This is a 60 minute experience and not a far drive from Pride.   Cost is $50 per person.  The view is awesome and you can simply relax and take the view in. 

4:00pm – Corison – Library Experience which is $55 per person.  If you have never had Corison, you are in for an experience.  The winery is known for Cabernet. 

Dinner – Go to Farmstead for dinner.  Bring some wine that you purchased during the day as the cork fee is only $5. 

Day Two

10:00 – Hall Wines - HALL Rutherford’s Appellation Exploration – You will love this experience, but it is not cheap and it fills up very quickly.  The Hall’s call Dallas home!  It is $125 per person.  Tracy and I are members here.  If you decide to join the wine club, put us down as the referral.  We each get a free bottle of wine.   

12:00 – Lunch in the car…Make a fun protein packed meal.  

12:30pm - Either stop by Caymus or if you want some Sparkling Wine, stop by Mumm.  No need to make reservations at either of these locations.   Tastings at Caymus are $50 per person.   Mumm fees are $35 per person. 

2:00 – Kuleto   You will love this winery and the tour, but add 15 minutes longer than what GPS says as you drive up 2 miles on their estate.   This tour is 90 minutes in duration.  The tasting fees are $45 per person.  Tracy and I are members here too.  

4:00pm – If you are in the mood for some more wine, go to one that is open and does not require reservations.    Kuleto is a beautiful property that do not want to rush away from. 

Dinner – Go to Bottega.  This restaurant fills up quickly.  

Day Three

Pack a picnic, again….

10:00am – Frog’s Leap Signature Tasting.  $25 per person.  It is 60 minutes. 

11:30am – Rutherford Hill.  This is an hour tour.   The cost is $40 per person.  They are known for their merlots, but we liked the other wine too.  The view is incredible.  Tracy and I are members here too. 

12:30pm – Picnic at Rutherford Hill

2:00pm  Stags’ Leap Winery.  This is a ninety minute tour.  Cost is $65 per person. The home and the history is awesome.  The tour is lots of fun.  Wine is reasonably priced.   Tracy and I are members here too – common theme.

4:00  - If you are in the mood for some more wine and are a party of less than 5, you can go to Stag’s Leap Cellars for a tasting.   The cost is $45 per person.    Yes, these are two different wineries and this winery is the maker of Artemis that you may be familiar with. 

Dinner – Redd is excellent; if you want to go more casual, the Mustard Grill.

Day 4  - a day of incredible Cabernets and the pricing that goes with such….

10:00am Fantesca.   This is a very small producer and the wine is excellent.   Tracy and I joined so we could get 3 bottles of Cabernet per year.   It is not sold to the public.   If they ask how you heard about them, say “”.  

11:30am – Early lunch at Gott’s hamburgers !!

1:00pm – Morlet ( if you can get in ).  This tasting is very intimate with the owners.  You will drink lots of wine at this tasting.  The cost is $100 per person. 

3:00pm – Larkmead Winery.   You will not be disappointed.  I believe the tasting fees are $55 per person. 

4:30pm – Frank Family Winery – right across the street from Larkmead.  Tasting fees are $30 per person.  This is the least expensive wines of the 4 wineries for day 4. 

Order Pizza and enjoy your wine


This is a two day outing that requires time in the Carneros Region of Southern Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley.   

More to come...

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